"Discover Your Happy Self"


Practical Application of Ho’oponopono;

April 15th, 2017 from 12-5:30
Dartmouth North Community center

An Interactive Workshop
Email me to register: al@alrodee.com

Ho’oponopono has brought profound comfort to many of my clients. I have been practicing this gentle, loving spiritual approach since my training with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, more than 5 years ago.  I have felt dramatic shifts in my daily life as well as increased growth in my business and improvements in my relationships. Many of my clients have shared some remarkable stories of change that have occurred since they learned how to do Ho’oponopono.

I have combined Ho’oponopono with my EFT practice as have many other EFT practitioners around the world with wonderful results.

I can’t encourage you enough to join us in this workshop and learn the practical application of ho’oponopono to bring clarity to your life long journey toward health, happiness and spiritual balance.

You will learn:

•    About “cleaning tools” that are infused by Spirit that we can use to erase problems
•    Prayers of forgiveness and repentance for ourselves and others
•    To take responsibility for everything that is in our awareness even if it seems like someone else’s fault
•    The “Breath of Ha” to activate the Spirit within us
•    Why Ho’oponopono helps us grow our business, improve our relationships, heal “dis-ease” and illness

Email to register: al@alrodee.com.