"Discover Your Happy Self"


Name: Al Rodee

Residence: Halifax, Nova Scotia: Canada

Credentials: Student of life; 17 years in the car business; 23 years self employed, sales/ marketing; Various certifications including EFT.

Spiritual Journey: Rejected formalized religion 1966 (age 16); Discovered Wayne Dyer on PBS 2001; Emotional Freedom Technique 2007, Ho’oponopono 2009 (began speaking to God again), Byron Katie 2011…..wow!

Mission: To help you learn to be as happy as I am and continue that learning for both of us

Foundation: To see everything that is with love and gratitude

I am learning how to love what is. You are here reading this, therefore, I love you. If you weren’t here reading this I would love you also but then you wouldn’t know about it.

Loving what is, is a constant practice. Sometimes I forget………oh well, I notice and love that I forgot and then remembered again.

If you are seeking a happier, healthier, stronger, more loving life then you are welcome to join me in this practice.

“Loving what is”: What does that mean? You have likely heard about Yin/Yang, you certainly know without up there is no down, without bad there is no context for good and, if you think about it, you know that without pain and suffering there can be no joy. Have you ever met anyone in your life who hasn’t suffered to some degree? I haven’t.

How do you suffer and why? Through study, practice, prayer and meditation I have joined many in the conclusion that we all choose our lives before we come here. We create a contract with our Creator. We pick our parents, friends, family, children and enemies as well as events and circumstances. It is all our choice, we know it will be painful and we accept the pain and suffering that will show up specifically for us. Some of us end up in the poorest, most devastating circumstances in poverty and starvation while others suffer sexual abuse as children and others live happy, healthy lives for awhile only to have some disaster strike later in life. We all suffer at some point in our lives and we came here to do it. The why of it I am still studying and, while I have some ideas, I am not clear.

The beauty is we also came here to learn how to transcend that suffering. This is where I come in. You are here because you are looking for something. Some of you  may feel I can help you. You are only partially right. You can only help yourself but I am more than grateful to be of joyous service to your search. As I have discovered the likes of Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Bruce Lipton, Byron Katie and many others who speak to me daily, you may add me to your list of people you were meant to spend some time with on your journey to Joyous Service. If there is a way I can be of service to you or your greater good then I am grateful. If, for some reason, we are not meant to interact, then I am grateful for that also. In either case, I love you beyond all measure.