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Tuesday Groups

My name is Al Rodee. I teach and practice Emotional Freedom TechniqueEFT Group picture and Ho’oponopono.

It is my mission in life to help you discover the perfection that is who you truly are.

I hold group meetings for ordinary folks who have issues and problems they want to eliminate.  We work with Emotional Freedom Technique to simply heal ourselves, both physically and emotionally. Once the emotional and physical healing is under way life changes for the better.

These groups are made up of regular every day folks like you and me who want to discover the joy in our lives before we transition to pure energy. There is some discussion about how to accomplish this but mostly we tap on meridian points (as acupuncturists might insert needles) while focusing on “what’s the problem” you want to heal. We work with emotional and physical problems and “dis-ease”. Sometimes we are tapping on general problems for the group like, “I don’t feel good about myself”, as an example and sometimes we work with individuals on specific memories that still hold on in our bodies.

We laugh and cry and feel our emotions and share our stories in a safe and supportive environment where everyone is loved and no one is judged. We heal our wounded souls and love our fellow Spirits. Once the emotions are healed we discover that our default feeling about ourselves is one of love and acceptance. It’s simple. Why not join us. Meetings cost $10.00, no one is turned away.

Everyone is welcome and there are no entry requirements. Please join us for either of my Tuesday groups. If you would like more information simply email me here: alrodee@gmail.com or call me: 902-452-0473

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