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In to the Mystic

What’s happening at EFT Atlantic?

In to the Mystic: Group experience with EFT and Ho’oponopono: “Release your fears!” Monday March 4, 7-9pm. All welcome. Only $10.00. Those who participate will learn the basics of EFT and experience an Ho’oponopono forgiveness ceremony. Volunteers from the group will share their story and release unwanted negative emotions deeply, completely and permanently. We will all participate in the forgiveness ceremony. Thanks to Donna of Into The Mystic; an awesome place to buy stuff that feels good!  In to the Mystic; 1082 Cole Harbor Road, Dartmouth; 469-7842; intothemystic@ns.sympatico.ca  [Note: May be moved to Cole Harbor Place if more than 15 sign up]                  

 Level One Training: Online: Four Thursdays from 7-9pm, beginning March 14th $100.00 Register early by phone or email

Level One Training: Next workshop March 17th. Learn the basic EFT recipe, the theory behind EFT and discover that EFT works for you even when other therapies have failed.

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Tuesday night group: Open to all, no prerequisite, no need to sign up just join us to practice EFT for yourself and others in a nurturing, gentle and loving environment. We practice, learn and talk about EFT, other energy healing techniques and explore spiritual ideas as well. $10.00.

No one is turned away. 7-9pm Tuesdays. Bloomfield Center, Agricola St, room 117, Halifax.

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We are changing the company name from EFT Atlantic to alrodee.com. I have thought long and hard about this and the decision was not easy. The rationale behind the change is clear. I no longer only focus on EFT but rather include Ho’oponopono and the work by Byron Katie and will add other modalities that feel right for me as I learn them. The object is to help people heal and there are many techniques to facilitate that. As for “Atlantic”, most of my clients show up from places across the globe. I do a lot of work on SKYPE and wanted the marketing to reflect a broader audience than Atlantic Canada which was my original focus. Stay tuned to our newsletter we will soon announce a new, awesome location in Dartmouth under the new name.



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