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Loving What Is

Learning how to do this is so important!

Lightning TornadoI am quickly becoming a loving student of Byron Katie. You can discover her lessons here.

One of the premises she teaches and talks about over and over until we get the message is that Everything, including the “bad” stuff, is meant to be!

So what does that mean? Let’s start with the stuff that shows up in our lives that feels good. Perhaps, for example, you have, or have had, a new and fresh love relationship. Everything about that person feels right. Little things that might normally bother you in a family member or old love interest seem interesting, funny, cute and really, really positive. This person can do no wrong and in most moments with this person it is easy to simply love everything that is.

Fast forward 1 year: Even if you are still committed to a relationship with this person things have changed. He/she exhibits differences from your “life lessons and training” that bug you. You may still love them but is it so easy to be unconditional about it? I suggest not, for most people. Simple little things like, perhaps, they embarrass you in public, or eat their food too fast, or leave dishes in the sink, or bug you because they think you aren’t tidy enough (it cuts both ways), or don’t listen to you, or talk too much, or……..get the point? Loving everything about that person has become more difficult. Have they changed? Have you changed? No, you have changed the way you look at them.

Learning how to love what is suggests that you develop a practice of accepting everything that shows up in your awareness as perfect information. Even, and some say, especially, the information that really, really, bothers you. When someone bothers us, even abuses us, in some way, we have the choice to react from our wounded child or simply love that person as one of the children of Divine Creator. When an event occurs, like the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, for example, we have the opportunity to talk about and think about how terrible that might be or we can simply love it as part of our journey through this life.

We have tools and techniques to help us with this.

Ho’oponopono teaches us that “everything comes in to our awareness because we came here to experience it”. So, when we experience something that bothers us it is useful to realize the gift in it and “clean” on it: I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.

EFT teaches us that when we think we have a problem we simply need to remember that the problem has nothing to do with who we truly are and that our truth is simply “loving and accepting ourselves as children of our Higher Power”.

Every bit of information that shows up in your awareness is worthy of unconditional love. This is a practice and a journey, not a destination. When will you start practicing?

Tuesday Night Group is a wonderful way to begin your practice. Why not join us.

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  1. How do I join such groups I live out of the state where you have them? I guess I was wondering if you have virtual sessions?
    Thank you so so sooo much for what you do!

    • We can always work in groups over SKYPE or Google Hangout. Create a group of 10 or more people, get in a room together with a webcam and a large monitor, set a regular date and time, create an intention for the group and let’s get together.
      Love you,

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