"Discover Your Happy Self"

Emotional Freedom Technique; Training Workshop; Level 3

Level 1 and 2 are pre-requisites:

 Brand New! New PowerPoint, new, fresh ideas, very intense and introspective. You will do much personal work

Level 1 and 2 EFT are pre-requisites. This workshop is for those who wish to learn how to work with others. It is a full two day workshop. We spend the majority of the time working on the following:

  • Leaving our ego at the door
  • Muscle testing and dowsing for answers
  • Eliminating expectations
  • Listening to the client’s inner child and subconscious
  • Remaining detached and aware
  • Asking questions to go deeper
  • Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness
  • Testing the Work and more testing the work
  • Discovering why it is imperative to release the problem to 0 and not to be satisfied with less
  • When 9 gamut is important
  • New ideas about EFT and how to speed up the process
  • Working with mental illness, schizophrenia, depression, addictions, phobia and compulsions
  • Following Up with the client

In previous workshops you were allowed to volunteer your issues for clearing by the group. In this workshop you will be required to work on your own issues. If you expect others to share with you you must be prepared to share.

Bring tissues there will be a lot of wonderful clearing done today. As usual we will watch some video, follow a power point presentation, laugh and cry and share questions.

To Register please email here: al@alrodee.com.