"Discover Your Happy Self"

Conquer the Chaos






conquering the chaos


understand the benefits of being organized

learn a practical step by step approach

develop your plan of action



Valerie Hanson

is a well recognized Professional Organizer.
Valerie has offered workshops on a wide variety of topics to diverse audiences.
Valerie will share her
significant organizational tools & techniques to help you organize your space,
clear your clutter and create a calm and peaceful environment.     

And she’s a lot of fun!



Al Rodee

is a Level 3 certified EFT Practitioner. Al has helped thousands of people overcome self beliefs that hold them back in life. Al will bring relief to stress and anxieties that pop up when thinking about and implementing Valerie’s tools and techniques.


He’s a lot of fun too!




Workshop Dates: November 19, 26: December 3, 10

8-9:30 PM Cost $74.00

Email me or phone 902-452-0473


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