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Acupressure Points with Related Feelings/ John Diamond, MD

Acupressure Points / Related Feelings

John Diamond, M.D.


n Inside Eye – Bladder – Trauma, Frustration, Restless

n Side of the Eye – Gall Bladder – Rage

n Under the Eye – Stomach – Anxiety/Fear, Nervousness, Craving

n Under the Nose – Governing Vessel – Embarrassment

n Under the Lip – Central Vessel – Shame

n Collar Bone – Kidney – Anxiety, Insecurity

n Under the Arm – Spleen – Anxiety, Fear of Future, Self-esteem

n Below the Nipple – Liver – Unhappiness

n Top of the Head – Lung – Grief, Intolerance, Arrogance

n Index Finger – Large Intestine – Guilt

n Middle Finger – Circulation Sex – Jealousy, Addictive cravings

n Little Finger – Heart – Anger

n Side of the Hand – Small Intestine – Sadness, Reversals 


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